Sunday, 6 July 2008

Thoughts on the campaign trail

Listening to the people of Haltemprice and Howden

Everyone has heard a lot about the various candidates in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election. You might like some feedback about how people in the area are feeling. The Green Party has been doing a lot of listening on the campaign trail. We’ve met very many people on their doorsteps, in bus shelters, in the markets, in shops, on buses and trains, in car parks, in pubs, in dramatic thunderstorms, and in blazing sun. It’s a privilege to be able to discuss the big issues with voters – so that’s one advantage of the election – and most people seem happy to take a few minutes to have their say, and listen to some Green Party views too.

But, the striking message from voters is that they are fed up - not only with this by-election (which many feel has been an unnecessary waste of public money) but also with politics and politicians in general. They say there is no difference between the old parties who do not listen to the people themselves. They express feelings of anxiety and deep disappointment about the state of Britain. Several people have spoken about wanting to move abroad just to get away from this country. There is a general feeling of real anger and despair.

Almost everyone with whom we have spoken has agreed that our government has taken us wrongly into wars (for oil), that ‘defence’ spending is out of control, that our governments have encouraged the domination of giant corporations, and that the social and natural environment is being decimated as a result. People agree that profit is driving what goes on in Britain (and increasingly across the world) rather than values we can be proud of. Nearly everyone agrees that things will only get worse if we continue to be taken down the same path.

So is there any hope? Yes there is. Green Party policies boil down to real local democracy so that we can PLAN our way into an oil-free world by discussion at LOCAL level. When people have the chance to hear this idea, they are highly enthusiastic about it. They can see it is a real way forward – the only way forward - because nobody wants the alternative - a totalitarian state which controls us all from Westminster or elsewhere. It is possible to regain our freedom only if we stand up for freedom.

The Green Party wishes to debate these big issues. Unfortunately the old party representative in this by-election, David Davis, has so far avoided having that debate with us.


Derek said...

I've never voted before. I'm voting for you this time. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

YES - the one thing that has been almost totally lacking from any media coverage of the by-election is the voices (and views) of the constituents.

Let them speak on Thursday.

Jo said...

Is there going to be a hustings locally this week so that Davis's promise to debate will finally be honoured?

Rob Wall said...

Dear Shan Oakes,

I wish you well in your campaign.

You might find my website Labour Policy Watch useful for debates. I have analysed New Labour's policy since 1997, broken it down into 25 categories, and shown how New Labour has reneged on its promises and entrenched the Thatcherite revolution:

Good luck!

Rob Wall

Josh Wink said...

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert discuss how to invest in Shan's campaign through the bookmakers (particularly Betfair and Intrade) in their weekly programme "The Truth About Markets" on Resonance FM (the discussion comes in about halfway through the broadcast):

John said...

Voted Conservative since I was 18.

Voting Green this time.

John, Hull

Paddy Hedges said...

To invest in Shan at Betfair and Intrade, please join the Shan Syndicate at Pledgebank:

Alan Melville said...

Pledgebank pledge to donate to the campaign:

Hull resident said...

Thankx for listening

i'll be voting for you this week

Claire said...

Just been listening to you at Radio 5 Live

You've got my vote!

Colin Revell said...

France: Guilty-by-Association Prosecutions Violate Rights
France routinely arrests and prosecutes people for being associated with possible terror suspects, undermining international fair trial standards.

Colin Revell said...

UK: 42-Day Pre-Charge Detention Violates Rights
House of Lords Should Reject Harmful Provisions of Terrorism Bill
A draft terror law giving British authorities the power to detain terrorism suspects for up to six weeks without charge violates the fundamental right to liberty and risks undermining counterterrorism efforts, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper released today.
July 4, 2008

Zhukov said...

For the last couple of days, the 36 Stratagems of ancient China:

Jean Sampson said...

Was going to vote Lib Dem but I like the sound of your policies and approach

So I'll vote for you on Thursday

William Wilberforce said...


Shan Oakes said...

Many thanks for these comments - its really great to get this kind of support. No, we never had a hustings. Although I tried, the Davis campaign made sure that I could not put the big issues (such as war, weapon manufacture and corporate domination) on the agenda when the media were around.


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