Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Blow away the cobwebs

A post from Bill - husband and agent. The Candidate has zoomed off into the constituency bedecked in rosettes - having decided that if she was off for a jog (a customary event in Beverley), it would be best where the voters can see.

I hope she is back for the interview we have with Bloomberg News later this morning!


Andy P said...

Will there be a link to the Bloomberg News interview online?

If so, can you please post it in your news weblog entry?

Adrian Cruden (Leeds) said...

A major new report has been launched today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on minimum income standards and the level necessary to be a participating citizen:

Guillaume le Batard said...

When you are elected, can you please find out EXACTLY how much it has cost the British taxpayer to subsidise three police officers with machine guns to sit outside Jack 'War Criminal' Straw's house in London (about two minutes away from Oval station).

A year ago, they accused me of committing a "terrorist act" for writing something on a piece of paper in the street outside 'Nuremberg Trial' Straw's house.

What kind of cowardly bullies are these ZaNuLabourites?

Exact cost please - and FULL REBATE

Muhammad Yunus said...

Since you have done an interview with Bloomberg today, how about piloting an alternative financial system in your constituency?

A microcredit system to help people set up ethical businesses and organisations, such as renewable energy enterprises, would help people in your area towards autonomy and sustainability in employment.

Good luck in Parliament!

Yunus, M.

Anonymous said...

Can you set up a widget for donations so we can just click on it and send cash to you?

Quicker, easier.

Anti Hedge Fund Manager said...

Turf accountants amongst us (i.e. addicts to redistribution of wealth from punters to bookmakers) may be interested to know that the total number of 'matched bets' for "Any Other Candidate" to win the by-election have now been exhausted over at Betfair.

In essence, this means that the tide is turning towards "Any Other Candidate" to win the seat.

Now I wonder who "Any Other Candidate" could possibly be...

For those of us who like a flutter, how about sending an email to asking them why they haven't got a book on Haltemprice and Howden but do have one on Glasgow East?

Could it be, perchance, because they know that Shan is going to bulldoze Davis's career out of existence in what is fast becoming an embarrassingly one horse race?

Anti-Hedge Fund Manager

Anti_Hedge_Fund_Manager said...

Actually, the matched bets haven't quite been exhausted, but the bid price is falling rapidly (36-1 no longer available, but some at 12-1 still going).

Click on my name above to go to the Betfair H&H page.

Anti-Hedge Fund Manager

anti_hedge_fund_manager said...

Eartheart -

Over at Betfair you can only bet if it is matched by somebody betting in the opposite direction. Since that is constantly changing, the odds change rapidly. It's a more fluid system than most turf accountants. The 36-1 odds seem to have disappeared entirely, but I just put some extra investment into 25-1, as well as donating directly to the campaign.

The last time I checked in to Paddy Power, they aren't putting the by-election on their website (though they are putting Glasgow East on the site). But I emailed them and they quoted me a rate of 14-1. I then put a bid in at the local branch.
UK - 08000 565 275
Ireland - 1800 238 888
International - +353 1 4040120


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you spent a little more time talking about what you believe instead of just attacking David Davis, some of us might give you a second thought. As it stands, you just come across as a 'please please notice me' loon obsessed with David Davis.

You've not got a cat in hells chance here but if you start telling us what you think you may just save your deposit.

Anonymouse said...

Dear Anonymous,

To find out what the Green Party proposes, please read the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society:

We are not interested, incidentally, in "second thoughts". Second place is first loser, after all.


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