Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The eve of the vote

The number of candidates today was only outweighed by the number of media!

Just watched our Newsnight coverage. I’m happy with that. On the one hand it showed the serious side of 35 years of policy development on some of the most pressing issues facing life in the 21st century, and on the other the forces of control: while supposedly debating civil liberties, they once again refused to let Green Party representatives attend!

We also featured on Look North and Radio Humberside.

So it all happens tomorrow. We know from speaking to so many people that there is a wide variety of feelings about this vote. I think I’m getting addicted to canvassing – it’s so interesting. Will we be able to stop?!

It’s also a big help to have just one neo-liberal-market-orientated-economy-equals-growth party to fight against, rather than three. And without the ‘old’ parties rabbiting on about their latest greenwash and now civ-lib-wash that certain parties are indulging in, we’ve really got the Green message out. Rain may be another factor in tomorrow’s voting.

It’s only a pity with the limited time that we haven’t been able to reach the whole area. But if everybody that we talked to votes Green our vote will be very respectable… it’s a lottery so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


First Time Voter Going Green said...

David Davis said he would "debate anyone, anywhere".

And then did precisely the opposite.

He wasted £200,000 of taxpayers' money - for what? A broken promise?

Sasha P said...

Was thinking about not voting tomorrow but I'll defo be in there voting for you


Rain Stops Play said...

Prediction: Rain Stops Davis's Play

Colin Revell, Hull and E.Riding Disabled Peoples Direct Action Network(DAN), Supporting Shan and the Greens at H&H Bye-Election said...

Mr Davis was joined by Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews, Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti and London bombings survivor Rachel North at a debate in the at Willerby Manor Hotel.

Did he keep to his word in promising to debate 'with-everyone'?

As the say the camera never lies and people saw for themselves in tonight's Newsnight. which showed how scared Mr Davis was of of Shan and 'Greens'; the only 'real' opposition in this H&H by-election.

The Newsnight clip will be available tomorrow on BBCi, then the world will see for themselves how David Davis excluded Shan and others from an open-debate on civil-liberties with Shami Chakrabati, Bob Marshall etc...

What does this say about David Davis integrity and honesty on his promise for an 'open-debate' with everyone on'civil-liberities'???

Except Shan and the Greens and other independent candidates and their suppporters who was not allowed their voices (civil rights) at this debate!!

Anonymous said...

Ms Oakes, you have been wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Would David Davis have hung the Birmingham Six if he had been Home Secretary ??


When Margaret Thatcher labelled Nelson Mandela a Terrorist would be have supported the hanging of Nelson Mandela ????


Civil Liberties

cannot get more fundemental than LIFE

Good luck Shaun

Hull Resident said...



Anonymous said...

The basic fact of this by-election is that the position of David Davis was exposed as false and internally incoherent.

Whatever the result at the ballot box, the moral victory lies with those whose argument was coherent, ideologically sound and correct in its planetary and social responsibilities.

In that sense, there was only one candidate in this by-election, Ms.Oakes.

Colin Revell, Hull and E.Riding Disabled Peoples Direct Action Network(DAN), Supporting Shan and the Greens at H&H By-Election said... said...

Here is the 'real' hard evidence, that David Davis 'excluding' Shan and others from the 'debate' on 'civil liberties', yesterday, at Willerby Manor Hotel:- The camera can't lie, so Big brother has caught you out David!!! This camera was working too (ha-ha!!!) Shame-On-You!!!

Here is last nights Newsnight on BBCi, so you can all see for yourelf what realy went on at the willerby Manor hotel:-

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