Friday, 4 July 2008

National Coverage at Last for the Greens!

Thursday was another good day on the campaign trail with continuing positive responses from the people in the street. Lesley and Nick joined the campaign trail for the day and I had a long session with the Guardian over the lunchtime.

But the big feature of the day was the amount of media coverage we received.

Following on from our spot on the BBC Ten O’clock news on Weds evening we picked up national coverage in the Mail and Telegraph and a crisp piece on Radio 4‘s PM programme recorded in Cottingham pubs on Tuesday.

On the PM programme:

“We are opening up the [civil liberties] agenda because we feel that there are huge issues underlying what has been brought to light. Things like the end-of-oil, the way we are being taken over by the huge corporations, the devastation of the planet. The fact is that we have got to do something about it. We have got to change. So our message is change is necessary, the old parties have had their day and I think we are possibly going to see a much bigger green vote than some people might expect.”

And in the Daily Telegraph:

"I think 42 days is far too much. This country used to pride itself on habeas corpus. The Green Party is the party of civil liberties. ID cards and all these things are the result of the increasingly totalitarian state we are living in. People are not stupid. We have got a completely mad kind of politics. The whole world is being forced into slavery of the great corporations. Tesco's is doing a world take-over at the moment and it's not only Tescos."

When asked about whether the Greens wanted the price of petrol to stay as high as it is now and whether fuel taxes should continue to rise - this is not simply a yes-no answer; it involves a package of measures.

So a day on consolidation with no set backs. And pledges to support the campaign keep coming in. The “Paypal system” is now working well and donations continue to come in via the internet. We continue to be very moved and inspired by people’s generosity.


Anonymous said...

I've always voted for David Davis. I think he is being egotistical. I will vote for you this time.

Gerald Pilkington said...

Why has Ian Jack written a piece in today's "Grauniad" saying that it is inevitable that Davis will win? Hasn't Jack ever heard of scientific method, Karl Popper, probability, falsifiability of hypotheses?

I've already placed £155 on Shan to win. NOTHING is inevitable - that's politics!

Schlomo said...

When you are elected, can you push forward the case for a Bill of Rights/written constitution that entrenches and protects our civil rights?

The Editors said...

Should read "So a day of consolidation with no set backs"


"So a day on consolidation with no set backs"

The Editors said...

Either Tescos has an apostrophe or it does not/doesn't.

You might also consider changing it to Tescopoly instead, in the name of accuracy.

Rebecca V said...


To be found at

Could everyone please add as many ideas as possible!


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