Friday 19 June 2015

Glasto is in for a special treat this year - the Young Greens  will be helping 3 'villages' to run sustainably.  Which is what festivals are all about: modelling an alternative lifestyle and set of values.  Why else do we go to festivals if it isnt for a dose of how things might be if we could only set aside corporate-powered materialism...?  Go Young Green Glasto!!

Saturday 31 January 2015

Welcome and apologies

Well hello and welcome and thanks for opening this...we haven't exactly been conscientious in writing this blog!   Just too too busy. The reason we are so busy is that we are running Green campaigns, particulalry in the run up to May's General Election.  Have a look at Shan's blog , fb and the Green Party sites for what we are doing.

So here's a start: a word about our lovely eco-house project in York - Fairfax Corner.   

The house continues to welcome families and groups  - more and more returning year after year.

If you haven't yet stayed at Fairfax Corner, it's a treat in store: cosy, spacious, generously kitted out, table tennis in the cellar, central and away from noisy roads.  People say its a home from home.  We used to live here ourselves when we worked in York and it still has most of our book collection in it because we have moved to a much smaller house!   These, of course, are available for guests to read.
We hope you visit Fairfax Corner one day!