Friday 29 July 2011

school veg patch

Here's an impressive veg patch at a primary school in south London...this should be a major part of the curriculum in my view. If we continue bringing kids up to think that food is made in supermarkets we're super-stuffed.

Friday 8 July 2011

East Riding Council at it again

East Riding Council insists on behaving like Big Brother. This time it's harrassing a kitchen firm who have made an advertising board to fit the back of a bicycle. What about all the vans with their ads on the side? ERYC (and all 'authorities') should be supporting the bike culture. If only ERYC would get its aims straightened out: are they trying to make the world a better place or what? Yes, you're right - it's lack of vision and short-term money-grubbing as usual.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Gardening - East Yorkshire

I've been doing some gardening for a change - At least the neglect attracts wildlife... lots of frogs around, and a woodpecker (lesser spotted) turned up in the garden for the first time ever. There are birds nesting in every conceivable bushy bit. Have decided not to use lawn mower in future as its noisy and wastes energy - much nicer having a straggly lawn blending seemlessly with the edges...