Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A PM Pub Crawl

The day has rounded off with a pleasant pub crawl in Cottingham with Ben Wright a Radio 4 journalist from the PM programme (Thursday 5-6pm). The responses were amazingly supportive from people of all ages. A young mother in the garden of the Duke of Cumberland totally agreed with the Green perspective and wished us good luck. Her partner was unwilling to speak 'on air' but told us how his work as a heating engineer has been transformed recently with the increased demand for renewable energy installations. They suggested we go on to the Tiger next, so we did, and met three men who initially said they were not intending to vote because they just didn't bother, but decided to vote for us after our chat. They agreed it would be fantastic for Haltemprice and Howden to return the first Green MP to Westminster. We then moved on to the King William where a Tory voter said that he would not be voting for David Davis because he thought calling the by-election was a waste of public money, so he would now vote Green having spoken with us, and advise his Tory colleagues to do the same.

As we waited for the train to take Ben back to Hull for the night, we heard loud clattering and were amazed to see a white horse being led up and over the railway bridge...practising for 'doing weddings'. Unfortunately the camera wasn't to hand.


DONATIONS, which are welcome, can be made out to Hull & East Riding Green Party at the address below, or using the bank details which follow:

Co-op Bank, Alfred Gelder St, Hull
sort code 089299
acc no 65169216

Please let bill@voice-international.net know that you have made a donation, as it's important that we track these.


Portishead said...

Good luck!

"White Horses"

Ralph Nader said...

Best wishes in the campaign. I am delighted to hear that Britain is about to elect its first Green Member of Parliament. It cannot happen soon enough.

Ralph Nader

Sarah Denton said...

Dear Shan,

When you are elected to the House of Commons, please halve your salary so that your life remains close to those of us at ground level who have been oppressed by the Brown parties.

You say you want to give the half saved to the Green Party but how about giving a quarter of it to the Green Party and a quarter to fund public services of some kind, or renewable energy jobs, in the constituency.

When Evo Morales became Bolivian President he halved his salary and employed doctors and teachers with the money saved.

Hopefully your saving will ensure that Parliamentarians do not abuse us, the taxpayer, in this way ever again.


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