Sunday 29 March 2009

Green Party surveys Brigg farmers' market

Green Party members came to Brigg farmers' market on Saturday to seek shoppers' views on food.

There was a warm welcome for us in Brigg and the farmers' market had a huge range of goods, all local produce from local businesses, just the sorts of things we want to promote.

The market shoppers were concerned about all the major food and farming issues. There was a high level of concern about animal welfare, use of pesticides, and food additives. People were very suspicious about the food giants and government trying to push GM crops on us.

School meals came in for some criticism with a number agreeing with the Green Party that they should be free and of high quality. However hospital food fared much worse, drawing heavy criticism. One woman who had had a hip and knee operation told how she couldn't wait to get home and cook herself a three course meal - while still on crutches.

Visiting the farmers' market was a very positive experience. We heard many interesting views and got some new ideas from people and we'll try to get some of those into national policy.

If Brigg shoppers all vote in the European elections in June, we will be very happy with the result! We hope to visit the Market again

The farmers' market in Brigg is the fourth Saturday of the month. The next area farmers' market is Sunday April 5th at the Humber Bridge Viewing Area.

Our survey results are below


No concern - slightly concerned - very concerned.

Animal Welfare 1, 5,16

Pesticides on food 5, 4,15

Additives in food 1,4,15

GM food 5,5,13

Intensive livestock farming 1, 4,13

Food waste 0,6,12

Food miles 1, 8,9

Supermarkets v local shops 2, 4, 9

Hospital meals 2,3, 8

Meat / dairy consumption 10,12,7

Intensive crop farming 6, 3, 6

School meals 3, 4, 4