Saturday, 26 March 2011

Public Service Cuts - the East Riding Council got in first

I was out today in Beverley handing out 'Stop the cuts' leaflets. A lot of people seem unperturbed. Why? One reason, I guess, is that the Tory ERYC (East Riding of Yorks Council) has been quietly cutting services for years, so people in the area have become used to poor provision. Take the youth service...there's nothing, even though people are always complaining, rightly, that young people have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Beverley Town Council now picks up the bill for detached youth worker time, even though it's not their responsibility. Meanwhile, ERYC pays over the top for a few senior staff and the lowest possible rates for the majority. Is this the council attitude we want? We have to decide at the ballot box.


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