Friday, 25 March 2011

Armed Forces Days

Unfortunately, people are being encouraged to organise these thinly disguised military recruitment events by a £9,000 bribe from the MOD...They are now planning another one in Beverley, East Yorks. I see them as tantamount to child abuse in that young people, and children brought for a day out, are given the impression that joining the armed forces is fun. Kids are encouraged to climb about in military vehicles with their faces painted in camouflage colours. It's grotesque and cynical. Nobody spells out the horror and brutality involved.

I met the distraught aunt of an only son who had just been sent to Afghanistan - It's no joke, and its unfair to entice people into the armed forces in a recession when people are desperate for jobs. These events should not be masquerading as a family day out. There are plenty of alternative ways to set up a good day in town - such as a community celebration, showcasing all the exciting activities going on in the area including business, sport, arts, heritage, food, etc.

I have no problem with Remembrance Sunday when we honour those who died and were injured in past conflict- its the least we can do - but AFDs are a very different matter. Please think again Beverley. At least the Town Council has had the sense not to participate this time.


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