Thursday, 26 June 2008

Grey meets Green in by-election showdown

We had an enjoyable day in Cottingham market today. Cottingham has the distinction of being the largest village in England. Very positive responses from public in general once we had collared them.

A BBC Look North camera crew turned up and asked loads of questions. The interview went well, but of course they chose to show the one bit with a hesitation in it! They also got us talking with a group of people sitting nearby having cuppa. So, we got on the box with 2 other ‘small parties’ so that’s a plus!

We had a stall set out most of the day and gave out some mini-manifestos and all the leaflets we had and had to print up more! People talked to us very easily and the majority seemed interested in what we stood for once they got to know. David Davis appeared there too and he and I and the team had a little chat where we asked him why he’s a Tory and told him we want to open up the issues. He told us he would invite us to any events he holds and that he sees us as the only serious challenger to him. We said we certainly did intend to challenge him.

Judging by the reaction overall of the people we spoke to there was a lot of support for us just waiting to be tapped.


Max Keiser (Karmabanque Radio) said...

Nice to see Grey Davis getting early notification of his exit from the Parliamentary process.

Since there are now almost 100 people at the Facebook group, how about a Facebook online donations application (if somebody with the technical nous can sort it out) and how about a Paypal button on the weblog so we can fire our tenners at you willy-nilly

Chief Vitalstatistix said...


Can you please do a blog entry tomorrow on how people can physically join the campaign in the constituency - how to get to Haltemprice and Howden, accommodation, and so on?

The more Greens on the ground, the merrier the majority!

'Chief Vitalstatistix'

Matt Sellwood said...

surely some mistake?

Grey Davis shouldn't be inviting YOU to events, YOU should be inviting Grey Davis!

You're the next H&H MP; he was the future of the Conservative Party once

Wim "Eastenders" Wenders said...



Anonymous said...


Helen1978 said...

It is APPALLING that the news (and in particular the BBC) always present the Greens as a minor distraction. We saw a lot of that in the Sian Berry for London Mayor campaign.

Please send all complaints to:

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC news

Helen1978 said...

Why do the BBC present everything that Davis says as news? Complete and utter bias.

Complaints to:

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC news

Not Matt Sellwood said...

Just checking to see if you're alert Mr Sellwood.

Are you campaigning in Haltemprice and Howden yet? I am sure they could do with your help up there.

Matt Sellwood said...

Well, I don't want to seem humourless, but pretending to be someone else on the Internet is a really shabby thing to do. Please don't do it again.

As for campaigning, I've just started a new job, so am unlikely to be able to get up there, but have just sent a donation.


Not At All Matt Sellwood In Any Respect Whatsoever said...

Shabbier than, say, suspending habeas corpus for 28 days, or allowing for a judge to ordain that a person be executed, or attempting to colonise Iraq and Afghanistan in some kind of neo-Suez, or pretending that calling a shock by-election wasn't all about the fact that having had to listen to David Cameron's triangulated waffle for several years Grey Davis had reached the point where he no longer had the will to power and decided to quit British politics by handing the Green Party our first seat in Parliament on a silver platter?

We wish you all the best on your new job but wonder if, perchance, you might be able to squeeze in a weekend of serious East Riding door-knocking before you head off to Uncle Sam? We are sure that the sight of a Sellwood on the warpath might make turn that final voter needed to tip the seat into the hands of Les Verts.

Love from the Brighton Tendency

scott redding said...

I wish I had an Internet stalker. When I get one, I'll have arrived.

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