Sunday, 29 June 2008

Getting up steam in Little Weighton

We moved on to Little Weighton Steam Fair where, amidst clouds of smoke and tunes from Mary Poppins played on a steam organ , we chatted to people drinking tea or beer. One 5 year old asked, ‘what party are you going to?’ When I explained that a ‘party’ is a group of people who have ideas about how to make things better, he wanted to know where the others were. I pointed to Clive, Martin and Bill. He then asked, ‘ so what are your ideas?’ I explained about oil running out and he suggested bikes and horses. What unerring logic kids have - particularly before they get old enough to get caught up in the mating game! My previous research with 100s of kids shows that the younger they are the greener they are.

Some people just feel fed up with politics in general and don’t want to vote at all, and who can blame them when they have been betrayed so often. When told that politicians are just in it for the money I explained that I’m definitely not. To prove it, if I am elected - about which I’m feeling more and more optimistic - I undertake to give half my salary to the Green Party. I’m in it because I can’t bear to think about what’s going to happen to people, and other species, in the future.


Tim Turner said...

YET another chink in Davis's faux 'libertarian' armour!

Spin doctor behind Davis's campaign promotes ID cards

A spin doctor behind David Davis and his much-vaunted "freedom" campaign against creeping state surveillance is an influential figure in the worldwide promotion of identity cards, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Kevin Bell is vice-president of Fleishman-Hillard, a global public relations firm representing security companies that have introduced ID cards in the United States and Spain. Opposition to the Government's move to introduce a British ID card is a major plank of the David Davis for Freedom campaign website, which Fleishman-Hillard also set up.

Anna-Lisa Nagel said...

Another post from a Tory, containing interesting local information, at UK Polling Report

I was in Haltemprice and Howden this weekend,
concentrating on the Ferriby area (with it’s wonderful views of the Humber), and also the large South Hunsley development near Brough (where I went in 2005).

There’s clearly a lot of personal support for David Davis, even though several people said they didn’t understand why he has done this, but would vote for him anyway.

One Tory councillor said a Lib Dem opponent had pledged support - in this election.
DD was there. Graham Brady also turned up, and apparently Dominic Grieve turned up last week.

I would guess the Greens will have to provide the main opposition, but turnout to make it resounding enough will of course be key.

I read in the Yorks Post that BAE are proposing 450 job cuts at Brough - after an Aircraft order failed to materialise. This is something that was threatened before the 2005 election, and DD and Alan Johnson had pressurised BAE to keep it open, so it looks like this issue is coming back.

Zimbabwe Vigil said...

Brilliant idea on salary

But how about a quarter to the Green Party and a quarter to a fund in the constituency?

And what about expenses/second home allowances? Could there be any savings there?

Dominic Grieve has apparently either been campaigning in the constituency or soon will be. He needs to be exposed on the basis of his vile Zimbabwean stock portfolio.

Honestly - what is it with Shadow Home Secretaries these days?

Frankly he should be cast out of Haltemprice and Howden until he sorts his act out.

David Aaronovitch said...

Dear Shan Oakes and the Greens,

Please read my article "David Davis is no champion of freedom" (June 17thh 2008).

If you are at Westminster on Thursday for the "Liberty in Peril" discussion, I will look forward to meeting you. If you are busy in the constituency, I hope there will be several Greens there to put an alternative view.

Kind regards,

David Aaronovitch
"The Times"

Re-nationalise rail said...

Re-nationalise the British railway system!!!

Our Facebook group has 1,803 members. You are invited to join it if you have a Facebook account.

Good luck in the campaign - building up steam like a TGV

David Turner
Josh R
Steven Howell

'Garry Kasparov' said...


Time for Davis to spend more time with his family.

You can't blather on about freedom and get a man who makes money out of ID cards to be your PR monkey and website designer.

Davis has lost this by-election. By an absolute landslide. He should get himself dressed up as a woman and run away to another country as soon as possible.

Shan - when you get into the Commons, could you please start by auditing the total amount DavidDavisForFreedomForDavidDavis has robbed off the British taxpayer in salaries, expenses, second home allowances, dinners, and cigars in his woeful tenure in Parliament.

I want every penny back.


Love to Shan Oakes, Green MP for Haltemprice and Howden

From 'Garry Kasparov' (future Russian President)

Anonymous said...

If you've had experience with kids, you'll love the Commons. It's full of them.

Some of them need guidance.

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