Thursday 16 February 2012

Job losses in Yorkshire - letter to Yorkshire Post

Iwrite further to your article, ‘ Recession fears grow with wave of job cuts inregion’ (8th Feb).  The loss of bank jobs is, of course, very sad for the employees concerned, but unsurprising in the currentclimate of takeovers and megacorporate rule.   Ethical banks, on theother hand,  such as Triodos,  the Cooperative  Bank  andthe Ecology Building Society in Baildon are doing very well.  More andmore people are looking for ‘good’ banking.  Perhaps redundant bank staffcould consider starting up or supporting  the growth of local creditunions which will deal transparently and fairly with local people’smoney. 
Localauthority cuts are due to misguided government policy which  results incuts to services for the most vulnerable, as well as a reduction in taxreceipts and spending – a lose lose situation.
 Regardinga traditional firm such as Oakworth,   no doubt they make good qualityproducts which could be used to improve energy efficiency , such as double andsecondary glazing.  A shame that they were trading with one major customerrather than lots of smaller clients.  All these job losses boil down tothe need to start rebuilding relationships in communities instead of allowingourselves to be run by  corporates and multinationals.  
Nowthe Bank of England has announced a new batch of quantitative easing (£50bn orso),  and the Green New Deal Group  is calling for such cash to beinjected into a programme of green investment to support badly needed renewableenergy and energy efficiency projects. Rather than handing the money over tothe banks, who then sit on it and refuse to lend, green QE would put money intothe wider economy - creating thousands of new jobs, improving energy securityand tackling climate change at the same time.

Shan Oakes
Green Party (Hulland East Riding)


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