Thursday, 17 December 2009

Why be worried about Prince Charles?

Today's Guardian's story about Prince Charles writing letters to Government Departments is a storm in a (bone china) teacup. Why make a fuss about it? PC poses no threat to what's left of British democracy. I see him as being a 'particularly famous person' and I'm therefore more interested in what he says in the light of its impact on public opinion. PC is often voicing the views of his charities. There's no doubt he makes some very good points - about the appalling implications of genetic modification ; about the need for healthy communities; about climate change, sustainability, buildings, human abuse of nature and so on. Yes, PC does have more opportunity than many of us to see the bigger world picture (and that's not to say everything he says is right) so his personal view is worth hearing... and given the same weight as anyone else's.

Greens say that the constitutional functions of the monarchy should be abolished and the House of Lords be replaced with an elected chamber. This would leave PC as a public figure much as he is now. As several people have already said above, why are govt depts so worried about it? I suggest its because his views on the big issues like GM are opposed to the grey political parties' 'Save the Corporations and Save Us' stance.


Susan said...

Personally I think the Royal Family is/are the least of our worries right now. All the fuss that's made from time to time about the monarchy is a red herring from much,much more urgent and serious issues.
They are, in fact, a money-spinner for this country in terms of tourism/souvenirs and all that stuff, and the overall cost to the state is minimal compared to, say, a year's expenditure on our military adventures.
The Monarchy will eventually go, by the very nature of the evolution of societies. In the meantime, let's focus on what really matters.

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