Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Local Jobs for Local Workers.

Green Party candidates support the Lindsey Oil Refinery protesters who are calling for Local Jobs for Local Workers.

Shan Oakes of Beverley, and Leslie Rowe of Richmond, North Yorkshire, today both call for an enquiry into discrimination against local workers.

Shan Oakes, the former Howden & Haltemprice by-election candidate, said, "As Greens we support the rights of British workers to protest.

"Whether in Killingholme, Dimlington or Saltend, workers around the Humber have a right to demand fair treatment for local people. We challenge the EU on its bias in favour of big business at the expense of local businesses and local workers."

Leslie Rowe, Parliamentary candidate for Richmond, North Yorkshire, says, "The EU single market is about the freedom of workers to apply for jobs anywhere in Europe on a level playing field. It's not about the rights of multinationals to undercut local pay rates and exploit workers.

"Unlike Gordon Brown and New Labour, as Greens we call for a programme to defend jobs and working conditions across the European Union. The EU should support local collective agreements across Europe."

"The Green Party must also question the sustainability of moving large numbers of workers hundreds of miles to do work that local people can do just as well.

"It is unlikely that the contractor IREM is paying these workers the same as local workers. The Government should demand IREM open their books and publish the exact terms of the subcontracts.

"A sustainable future relies on supporting local business and local workers. Unlike the Labour Party, the Green Party supports local workers and we are proud to do so."


Yorkshire & the Humber Green Party

Leslie Rowe, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Shan Oakes, Beverley, East Yorkshire


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